Kerberos Brand  is a civilian combatives training system.  Our self protection and assault response training  gives our students the skills and knowledge to increase their success and  survivability in deadly violent encounters.

Kerberos takes the view that true ability for protection of self and others relies on knowledge, physical skills and proper mind set.


Steve Pietrzak created the system after training for over 30 years in martial arts.  He holds mid- level Black belts in various traditional styles as well as having trained with some of the best defensive tactics instructors for law enforcement.

Kerberos combatives is designed to give its trainees a seamless and simple system to effectively handle dangerous and violent situations.

Kerberos is a refined methodology. The segments of the system flow seamlessly and fit together perfectly without gaps.  In combat gaps of skill or knowledge can be fatal.



Kerberos provides three levels of training

Level 1:   condensed short duration seminars and course work usually 8 to 16 hours.  focused on understanding local self defense law, core physical martial skills and scenario training.

Level 2:  on going training for further advancement and skill building

Level 3:  Train the Trainer and leadership. We offer business partnerships for facilities that are interested in offering  Combatives courses as an amenity or tandem training.  “Train the Trainer” course work focuses on the curriculum to be taught as well as  best business practices, leadership/ self development and sales skills.

Kerberos  gives its trainers and instructors business and leadership tools and an acumen to be a good coach and a good business for its community.

Kerberos is based in the New England area of the United States if you are interested in training for yourself or a seminar for your group or if you are interested in operating a business partnership please contact us for more information.